Maps for Sygic Europe / Europe. 2019.03 HERE (NQ, NavTeq)

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Maps for Sygic Europe / Europe. 2019.03 HERE (NQ, NavTeq)

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Maps for Sygic Europe / Europe. 2019.03 HERE (NQ, NavTeq)


Maps for Sygic Europe / Europe. 2019.03 HERE (NQ, NavTeq) | 7.04 GB

� These are maps for the first quarter of 2019. Therefore, they write 03.2019

� They were released free 17.05.2019
� Maps for Sygic are updated 3-4 times a year.
� Actual maps of Europe for the Sygic program (+ SygicTruck)
� Distributing a HERE card (formerly NavTeq).
� For Sygic, there are also maps of TomTom.
Sygic's Truck GPS Navigation is the developer of the most popular offline GPS navigation application in the world.
Take advantage of one of the most reliable navigation applications for professionals with a great routing feature and accurate premium maps. Enjoy a navigation application designed specifically for heavy vehicles, trusted by more than 1,000,000 truckers around the world.
� Comprehensive application for compiling routes for trucks, caravans, motor homes, campers, buses and cars
� Detailed navigation system for heavy vehicles with the display of existing restrictions on the map
� Maps are stored offline on your device, so no internet connection is required, the GPS signal is used for operation.
� Regular free updates of maps, points of interest and a database of speed cameras for three years
� Separate routing profiles for different vehicles (height / weight / length / axles, etc.)
� Real-time traffic information and speed cameras database (optional)
Developer: Here
Developer website:
Tabletka: present
System Requirements: Sygic
Platform: Android and WinCE
Coverage area: Europe + Russia
Developer: Here


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Re: Maps for Sygic Europe / Europe. 2019.03 HERE (NQ, NavTeq

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