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What necessary precautions should I take while using Ambien?

PostPostano: 11 srp 2019, 20:49
Postao/la loviwills
The following precautions shall be taken while using Ambien for sleep problems –

• Take Ambien as per your doctor’s advice and the prescription that is allotted to you.
• Do not take Ambien if you are traveling and cannot take a full 7 to 8 hours sleep.
• Always take Ambien under the proper guidance of a medical professional.

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• Do not take the drug if you are already on the dose of another drug.
• If you are suffering from a severe health problem, inform about it to your doctor.
• You should not lift heavy machinery or drive a while until the effect of the drug is still on your mind.
• You should absolutely avoid the use of alcohol while taking Ambien. The interaction of these two substances may cause extreme drowsiness, which will affect your health.


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