Celine Luggage: Micro or Nano

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Celine Luggage: Micro or Nano

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I've never considered the Celine luggage in the nano size before because I assumed the strap was way too long for my 5'2" frame. However, I tried the nano on in stores a couple weeks ago and now I can't get it out of my mind! The nano luggage strap is actually the perfect crossbody length on me. I have been looking for a more casual bag in a bright color, so the nano luggage in vermillion would be a perfect fit! The only problem: its $2,700 price tag.

Originally, I had planned to eventually add a luggage in the micro size and souris color to my collection. Now I'm questioning whether I should get a souris micro or a vermillion nano!

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Size: Micro vs. Nano
The micro luggage measures 10x10x6 inches and the nano luggage measures 8x8x4 inches. Visually the size difference is pretty stark. Personally I think the both sizes are practical in their own ways. The micro luggage will be a great size for work and travel to bring all your belongings. The nano luggage will be great for weekends and also for travel when you are exploring and definitely don't want to be lugging around a large bag.

When I buy new handbags I try to think about what would be practical and try to diversify my collection in terms of brand, color, size, use, etc. I feel like I have more smaller size bags so the luggage in micro would be a great addition to my collection. However, I tend to grab my smaller bags more often so the nano size will likely be used more.
Handheld vs. Shoulder Strap
Prior to trying on the nano luggage, I was certain I will eventually purchase the luggage in the micro size in souris. The micro size does not come with a strap and can only be handheld so I have been putting off my purchase. I questioned how much I would use the micro luggage given the handheld-only option. (Plus I might have been secretly waiting for Celine to add a shoulder strap to the micro size…) Generally, I shy away from handbags that can only be handheld because 90% of the time, I carry my bags using the shoulder strap.

After trying on the nano in stores and knowing the shoulder strap is "usable", the nano has entered into the debate. Although I wish the handles on the nano were slightly longer so it can be held in the crock of my arms. The handles on the micro are slightly longer so it can be held in the crock of the arm comfortably.
Another difference between the micro and the nano is the feet. The micro has 4 metal feet on the bottom where as the nano gets no feet-love. Personally I like handbags to have feet so they can protect the leather.

Prices: $2,900 vs. $2,700
The solid color, pebbled leather micro is currently retailing for $2,900 and the solid color, pebbled leather nano is currently retailing for $2,700. The $200 price difference is not much but at the same time a big difference.

Excluding the longer handles on the micro and the shoulder strap on the nano, the micro has 380 square inches of leather and the nano has 224 square inches. At $2,900 and $2,700 the price per square inch of leather is $7.63 for the micro and $12.05 for the nano or on a per square inch basis, the nano is 57.9% more expensive!

I am more "okay" with the $2,900 price tag on the micro size but some how I can't get over the fact the nano is $2,700! Yes it fits a lot, yes it's functional, yes it's well made, but $2,700 is a lot of money for a mini bag.

From a price perspective the nano loses big time. Honestly because of the price if I had to pick the two sizes I would pick the micro. In terms of value between the two, micro wins hands down. However, I am still considering the nano because my brother is currently studying abroad in London and Celine prices are much lower in Europe than US.

Celine Prices in UK
In the UK, the solid color, pebbled leather micro is £1,800 and the nano is £1,550. At a 1.46 exchange rate and a 14% vat return, the USD equivalent prices are $2,305 and $1,958. At $1,958 and with a price difference of $347, the nano is now back in the competition. If price is not a consideration then I am leaning towards the nano because I know I will use the bag more with the shoulder strap. My heart is leaning towards the nano while my brain is leaning towards the micro.

Tricolor or Solid Color
Celine is known for beautiful tricolor combinations; however, I prefer the solid color. Personally I love some of the tricolor bags but tri-color is trendier than a solid color. In generally I like bags that are very simple and the luggage with the monkey / robot face is already a "busy" design so I know I will use a solid color luggage more often than a tricolor luggage.

Color: Souris vs. Vermillion
I am also biased towards the nano because I want a bright color bag in my collection. My favorite is vermillion, which is a bright orange-red. Personally, I would not consider getting the micro in vermillion because I think it's too loud. Also a small bright-colored bag is easier to pair with outfits than a large, bright-colored bag. The souris color is my first love on the luggage, I think it's such a unique color that would work perfectly on the micro size. In addition, I love the contrasting white stitches on the bag. Besides vermillion and souris I really like the nano in black and dune as well, they are both so beautiful! However I'm forcing myself to stay away from black and diversify the colors in my bag collection.

Leather: Pebbled vs. Smooth
The two most popular leather types at Celine is smooth vs. drummed (pebbled). I personally like the look of the smooth leather but the drummed leather is more carefree. I have decided on the drummed leather because the smooth leather scratches more easily and tends to be heavier. Also the nano is probably better in the drummed leather since as a cross body it is more likely to bump into things.

In terms of structure and slouchiness, I have read some owners saying the smooth leather hold its shape better while some say the drummed will hold better. I have even had different SAs tell me smooth / drummed will hold the shape better. Regardless, I think how much you pack in the bag and whether you take the time to properly stuff the bag when you are not using it has more impact on the slouchiness than the type of leather. Also the size matters, of course the bigger the bag size the faster it will slouch.

Is Celine Luggage a Classic or Is it On Its Way Out
I have read a number of blog posts and comments on whether the Celine luggage will be a classic or is it oversaturated and on its way out. I think it's a very interesting discussion and wanted to share my two cents. Overall, I don't know if the luggage will be a classic but I don't think it's on its way out.

-Saturated: Celine luggage bags are definitely saturated since it's released in 2010. However, saturation itself does not drive it to "go out". Think about the Chanel Classic Flap, that bag is just as saturated but it's going anywhere.

-Time: People also say the Chanel Classic Flap and LV Speedy have been loved for many years and can be considered classis. I agree. Although time may be an indicator that a bag is a classic, it's not a predictor. All classic bags start in some point in time. Just because the Celine luggage is only ~6 years old it does not mean it won't continue to be loved and become a classic in the future.

-Brand: Along with whether a bag is classic, whether the brand itself is classic matters. Even though it might not be as old as Hermes, Chanel, LV or Prada, Celine was founded in 1945.

In my opinion, the key determination factors on whether a bag is classic are:

-Design: to be a classic bag the design has to either be simple or truly beautiful. In my opinion the Classic Flap and Lady Dior falls in the beautiful / breathtaking category and the LV speedy falls in the simple category.

-Functionality: to be a classic bag, the bag has to be functional. No matter how beautiful if the bag can't function as a bag, it won't be a classic. Functionality in my opinion includes weight, usability, etc.

-Quality: to be a classic bag, the quality has to be impeccable. There is something inherently beautiful about handing down your handbags to your daughter and potentially your granddaughter!

I think the luggage has a unique and beautiful design, it is functional and people love the quality of Celine bags. So although it is too early for us to tell whether the luggage will be a classic, I definitely think it's sticking around for a while.

Trends come and go, fashion esthetics change, the question I always ask myself is whether I will still like and use the bag in 5, 10, 20 years even if no one in the world likes it. For the Celine luggage, I know I will use it in my 30s and then less frequently in my 40s. Then in my 50s I would love to pass it down to my daughter, niece or a handbag enthusiast who will love the bag just as much I did!

Thank you for letting me share my thoughts! Please let me know if you have either bags and share your thought process on selecting that size. Also let me know whether you think the luggage is here to stay or is it on its way out!
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