Top 10 Designer Handbags on My Wish List

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Top 10 Designer Handbags on My Wish List

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In general, everyone has a soft spot for something: handbags, shoes, jewelry, scarfs, coats, cars, boats, watches, electronics, etc. For me it would be handbags. I can't explain why, I just love handbags. I used to buy a handbag every few months and they would either break or I would outgrow the style.

After I started working, I decided to invest in higher quality designer bags. I know I am paying for the brand name as much as the quality; however, I still think overall it is better to invest in a few well made designer bags than buy a lot of lower quality bags that need to be replaced. Of course, I control myself and set a hard limit of one high-end bag a year. Designer bags definitely cost a lot of pretty pennies and without the limit, I would be out of control and not have any savings.

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I want to share the top 10 designer handbags on my wish list because I always find handbag collections interesting. The order of the bags will not be based on much I want the bags but rather how long I have wanted the bags for.
1. Chanel Classic Flap (Chanel 2.55)
The Chanel Classic Flap has been the bag I have been wanting for almost five years now. To say I want the bag might be an understatement. Around twice a year, I would go through a Chanel 2.55 feverish period where I would seriously contemplate about purchasing the bag. I would watch countless number of YouTube videos, read through hundreds of threads and browse through hundreds of Google images. The price of a medium Chanel Flap bag has increased from $2,600 in early 2011 to $4,900 currently (88% increase). I considered purchasing the bag using my summer internship earnings but decided the price tag of $2,600 was crazy. Now five years later, I still constantly ask myself "should I buy the bag"?

The most popular advice is if you want a Chanel then just go and buy it now. The advice makes sense and certainly would have saved me thousands of dollars; I think you should also consider whether the timing is right. In my opinion, although you may have the money for a Chanel it does not mean you should buy one. Whether you should buy a Chanel is relative to how much savings you have and what other obligations you have. To spend $5K on a bag is different to someone with $10K in savings vs. someone with $200K in savings. It is also different for someone with no financial obligations vs. someone with a mortgage, children and other loans. In general it makes sense to buy a designer bag as soon as possible before ridiculous price increases; however, you should feel 100% comfortable spending that much cash.

Also, I can't decide for the life of me whether I should get lambskin or caviar. My heart is on the lambskin; it is just so beautiful. However, my logical brain is telling me to go for the durable caviar. In the end, when I do get a Chanel, I think I will get a Medium / Large lambskin. I know if I get caviar, I will still crave for the lambskin.
2. LV Alma
Oh the LV Alma, this is a bag that I want in my collection but I am not in a rush. I love the shape of the Alma and think the Alma in Vernis or Epi leather would just be beautiful and timeless.
3. Lady Dior
The Lady Dior was created in 1994 and given to Princess Diana by Madame Bernadette Chirac in 1995. The bag was originally named "Chouchou" or favorite in French but was later renamed Lady Dior as a tribute to Diana. I really like the cannage stitching on the bag and the Dior charm. My ideal Lady Dior would be a red patent leather bag in the small size.
4. Celine Trapeze
I love the simple design of the Celine Trapeze. Personally, I think it is very modern looking like a snazzy briefcase. What I can't decide on is either the smooth leather or the pebbly leather. I like the look of the smooth leather more but I have heard it scratches easily. Although scratches on bags are normal wear and tear, for the Trapeze, which I will mostly wear with the shoulder strap, I think the pebbly leather would be more appropriate. My ideal trapeze is the small size in all blue.
5. YSL Sac de Jour
The YSL Sac de Jour is another one of those bags that are simple but somehow really beautiful (at least to me). I love the fan-like side panels; somehow that detail really speaks to me. I have heard the Sac de Jour is quite heavy, which is a negative for me. The Sac de Jour is a must have but it is not a high priority since it is quite similar to my Prada Double Zip Tote. My ideal Sac de Jour would either be grey or a light beige in the small size.
6. Celine Luggage
In the beginning I really did not understand the appeal of the luggage. I get the unique design and the beautiful leather but I didn't like it enough and didn't consider purchasing it. However, the monkey face slowly grew on me and once I saw the luggage in the souris color with the white lining, the bag was added to my wish list.
7. Celine Box
The Celine Box is another simple bag that is on my wish list. I think by now, it is pretty evident I like the really simple bags. Simple is really beautiful to me for some reason. Maybe I'm just boring but I think these bags and designs will be classics and I will still be able to carry them when I go through my 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and even 70s (although by then I think I'll be too lazy to even carry a bag).
8. YSL Envelope Clutch
I want a hot pink wallet on chain. Originally I wanted the Prada wallet on chain but I didn't like the two snap closures. Also, I think the size is too small to justify the $830 price tag. This YSL envelope clutch is like a wallet on chain with 20 card slots and it has enough interior space to fit my phone and keys. Even though it is pricier than the Prada WOC, the size of the YSL is bigger, plus I love the chevron quilting on the bag!
9. Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag
I used to not like bucket bags at all, the design never appealed to me. However, recently I am attracted to the casual vibe of bucket bags. Usually, I tend to go for more structure bags that are more formal so I definitely need to have a more casual bag in my collection. The Mansur Gavriel bucket bag is another very simple but beautiful bag. I love the black bucket bag with the red interior but I have heard the leather is quite stiff in the beginning. Although the leather will soften over time, I think the relaxed tumble leather will be more fitting for me. My ideal bag would be the mini bucket bag in moss color (dark green).
10. Chloe Drew
The Chloe Drew is considered the It bag of the moment and is the latest addition to my wish list. I really like the saddle shape, the different color combos and the cool lock design. This bag is very versatile and can be casual or dressy. For now, I want to wait and see if I still like this bag after a year.

These are the top 10 designer bags on my wish list for now. This wish list does change from time to time. Bags such as Mulberry Bayswater, Balanciaga City and YSL Cabas used to be on my top 10 list but they have been replaced.

Thanks for reading and please let me know what are the top 10 designer bags on your wish list!
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